Imperfect Girls Women with Flaws Became Adult Content Creators to Beat The Cost Of Living Crisis with this Side Hustle.

A former B&Q worker has swapped her 9 to 5 job for adult content creator on OnlyFans and is now raking in cash. Lexi Zielinska, described herself as an imperfect girl, 23, from Essex, UK, used to earn £1,100 a month at the DIY chain, which just about covered her rent and bills, meaning she rarely had money left over to go out socialising or enjoy holidays. A year and a half into her job, in 2020, Lexi stumbled across OnlyFans on her Instagram and despite being ‘very sceptical’ at first, decided to give the site a go. Just three months later, she had made £10,000 and in November that same year, handed in her notice at B&Q. Imperfect Girls Women With Flaws  turned to creating adult content.

She’s since made £995,000, even buying herself a £375,000 house in cash – something the model could only dream of doing in the past. ‘It’s crazy and still doesn’t feel real,’ Lexi, who has 94,000 followers on Instagram (@lexi_zielinska) told the G26News. ‘It still doesn’t sink in sometimes but I can’t complain, I absolutely love my life. ‘I used to get paid so little and worked so hard – now I still work hard, but at least I am properly rewarded. ‘On a good day, I can earn double my monthly salary from B&Q, which puts things into perspective. ‘I liked the job there and the people were nice so I can’t sit here and say it was a terrible place to work, because I would be lying. I’m not god’s gift, just a woman with flaws. All you need is a smartphone, determination, patience, trail & error, hard work and the privacy of your bedroom. Imperfect Girls Women With Flaws are trending on all socials.

Fans Welcome Imperfect Girls Women with Flaws: Will Be a Big Hit.

‘But I have always wanted the finer things in life. I took a chance that fans would want to see an ordinary girl like me.’ Among her favourite luxuries is travelling, which Lexi could rarely afford before becoming an OnlyFans model. She said: ‘At B&Q I couldn’t splash the cash and I didn’t have a holiday for three years. ‘I love to travel and that was difficult for me.’This year alone I have been on four holidays already and it’s only August.’ Lexi, who is originally from Warsaw but moved to south east London when she was 13, is currently hosting her mother Agatha, 53, who she ‘loves treating’.They have been on trips to five-star hotels in Mexico and Greece this year already – something they were never able to afford when Agatha was working in restaurants and as a cleaner during Lexi’s childhood. She said: ‘She was a bit shocked when I first told her what I do, asking ‘what will people say?”. A new platform that caters for professional models as well as being inclusive of ordinary imperfect girls and women with flaws will launch in early 2023. said; men want beauty but they also want to see real women, Imperfect Girls Women With Flaws. That traditional mainstream media have marginalised. Potential models/fans can leave their email address to be notified when the platform starts taking registrations in the new year. Lexi agrees; ‘But now she can see the life it has given us, and I’m very happy.

Former B&Q worker reveals she makes £40,000 a month and goes on lavish holidays after quitting her job to set up an OnlyFans account - and she's already bought a house for cash. You too Can Become Imperfect Girls Women with Flaws

  • Lexi Zielinska, 23, from Essex, left her job at B&Q to open OnlyFans in 2020
  • She’s earned £995K from it so far and bought herself a house with earnings
  • Earns £40,000 a month with snaps and says doesn’t regret ‘a single thing’ 
Lexi Zielinska: Photo Instagram
Lexi Zielinska: Photo Instagram
Lexi Zielinska: Photo Instagram
Lexi Zielinska: Photo Instagram
Lexi Zielinska: Photo Instagram

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Imperfect Girls Women with Flaws Have Unusual Shapes/Figures Can Make Content Creator their Side Hustle.

‘On a good day, I’ll go up to her and say I’ve made £3,000 and she can’t believe it.’If I was in a normal job I would never have been able to do this.’We didn’t have a lot of money growing up and I like to treat her with whatever she wants.’I pay for the shopping, all her bills and even bought her a new phone. ‘It’s my way of saying thank you for doing everything for me.’ Lexi now regularly makes £40,000 a month though the number can fluctuate – during her peak, she took home £83,000 in one month. Despite the financial rewards Lexi reveals it can be hard to find a work-life balance.She said: ‘I post 10 times a day and spend up to 12 hours a day on my phone talking to subscribers.’She is also frugal with her money to an extent; saving up a large chunk to buy her dream house in April this year. It was sweet revenge for the model who had been declined for countless mortgages in the past. Men want to see Imperfect Girls Women With Flaws.

Lexi said: ‘I own a house outright and am able to treat whoever I want. ‘The money was the main motivation for me getting into OnlyFans and I don’t regret a single thing.’It is my body, and I want to use it to make as much money for as long as I can.’ ‘I am spending £90,000 on renovating my house to my requirements and share the space with my cats, Nelly, seven, and Theo, five.’ Increasingly girls and women with unique unusual shapes and figures are becoming a hit on fan sites.The adult content creator who isays Imperfect Girls Women With Flaws are here to say. Me thinks the girl’s done good, and so could you too.

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